Ireland invited to join mile high club

It’s mortifying really. And with the whole world looking on. Will we never learn? If only we’d accept our ignorance and listen to our betters. It’s no wonder Mr Walsh from IAG had to get cross in front of that bold Oireachtas Transport Committee. He told us he’d only tell us once, and that if he had to come back, he’d be really annoyed and we wouldn’t like it.

And Mr Byrne from City Jet laid down the law too. We’re just plain stupid – gombeens – or at least the people we elected to look after our country and our things, they are. And Mr Barrington the Aer Lingus Chair says we’d be mad not to sell our Aer Lingus stake, and he should know, since he already does business with Mr Walsh and thinks he’s great.

It’s clear that Messrs Walsh, Byrne and Barrington are very eager for we Irish to sell our Aer Silverware. They are sure it will do us good. They have no personal interest, they only want us here in Ireland to be happy. And this they promise will make us happy. And we dither. Mortifying. They realise that grown-up decisions like this shouldn’t be in the hands of the governments of democratic republics. It must be very frustrating for them.

And Mr Worth speaking personally, and Deputy Rabbitte speaking personally, also want us to sell.

We’re just too stupid. We’re walking around the airplane, kicking the tyres, while the nice man is telling us it’s a snip, a bargain, are-we-mad-or-what, a-chance-like-this-won’t-come-again. Sigh. Soooooo embarrassing.


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