Latvia’s Cinderella second before Luxembourg takes over

The Greek crisis disturbs and perturbs the whole world. It is in a spin, and a slower one at that. To correct for this, an extra second will be allowed elapse tonight, extending Latvia’s 6-month EU presidency by a precious instant. Hands up all who knew that this European Union of equal partners has been led since January by our brothers and sisters in Riga? Well how about hands up who knew Luxembourg is in the chair from tomorrow? Mmmm. Perhaps we have all missed Ms Merkel regularly deferring to, referring to, through-the-chairing and acknowledging Laimdota Straujuma since January. Come to think of it, Tsipras hasn’t brought up too many points of order with Straujuma either.

Don’t suppose this EU, all-for-one-and-one-for-all, six-monthly first among equals thingy is a cod? Nah, Luxembourg will restore order; “through the chair, please, Germany, through the Chair and thanking you”! There will be no more second fiddle. Time will tell though.


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