Bay of shamrock, bowl of Pigs

Castro gone. President Higgins sad. In this Trumpalist new world, some reacted in “not my president” style, though Michael D surely knows a thing or two about Cuba. Of course, eisenhower-and-batistaexperience, knowledge, fact, not universally accepted currency any more in a “post-truth” world. Ancient history – Cuba under Batista, an American fiefdom, mobster playground – irrelevant now, in a age of geopolitical creationism.

Perhaps Fidel’s guilt should include Guantanamo Bay – right on his doorstep, and after “human rights” had been invented; how could he turn a blind eye?! The USA, indignant at Castro’s demise, Luke’s pharisee. Senator Ronan Mullen, of that caste. We hope to invade DC, then kowtow again on St Patrick’s Day. Inward investment may follow, a casino or two, perhaps a fruit company. Bananas to spare here.