Don’t Pay the Tillman, he won’t get you to the other side

It’s only after watching and listening to Seth Barrett Tillman (had never heard of him, but that’s OK – nor he of me, I’m sure) on RTE a couple of times in last days, that I realised how bad things have gotten, and how much worse they can get, even – gulp – here in Ireland. First, may as well do the emoting, the venting. Trump has encouraged these creatures out from under the rocks, out from the dark caves, where they’ve been glowering and seething, waiting for the opportunity. Or Trump is the manifestation of this dark force – not Caligula, rather his horse (or the ass thereof).

OK, that’s done. Systolic settling, diastolic dodgy still.

The USA is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This hasn’t stopped it from being a beacon, welcoming the huddled masses etc, for yonks. But there has always been that tension. Personal autonomy (AKA looking after #1 and the Devil take the hindmost) and distributive justice (AKA we’re all in this together). The MéFéiners seem to adore the successful (ie wealthy +/- famous) and regard success as evidence of virtue, and see poverty and welfare as proof of vice. It’s a nice, straightforward, easily understood view of the world. And just as a couch potato can be a rabid supporter of an NFL team, a trailer-park, piss-poor (check out the derivation of the description) white guy can be an enthusiastic supporter of Trump. Logic doesn’t follow, irony is loosed and lost, and words mean what Humpty wants them to mean at any particular time.

Back to Seth (way back). The first things that strike are the hard-heartedness, the arrogance, the – well no point beating around the bush – the fascism. Shall we say the quality of his mercy is definitely strain’d. He has that Kellyanne Conway (I cannot be the only human to think she resembles a cast-member of The Walking Dead) habit – perhaps more accurately, method – of weaving insult and alt-truth into answers, not so much productive of a sweet-and-sour as a sour-and-glower flavour to the discourse. Diversion; why is it that so many wealthy white Americans seem so angry, so defensive, so gun-totin’ gung-ho (I appear to live a hyphenated life).

Anyway, the observation what I is leading up to, though trying not to end sentences with prepositions. Working with your international neighbours, through the UN, trade agreements, diplomacy etc, is evidence of a commitment to some kind of international distributive justice, some notion that all people are, well human beings. But, of course, when the slitherers come out (no, stop – rephrase) OK when the MéFéiners hold sway, then things change, and Seth can mock the very notion that America has to do anything at all in the world other than what it wants for itself. Like Trump said, just take the oil; to Hell with them all. And as for his “ancient truths”; methinks he means he who has the lump hammer gets the last slice of pizza.

Irony? Well, I did see the Kippah and the beard. Sad, sad; like that old joke; knock knock who’s there Jesus Jesus who ah how quickly people forget. Etc.